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Founder, Head Coach, MooseFit Routine Coach, MooseFit Nutrition Coach, and MooseFit Wellness Coach

After studying Neurobiology and playing Division I golf at Georgetown University, Matt began his professional career working as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Medical Officer at a Fortune 20 healthcare company. He has consulted for both commercial healthcare companies and federal health agencies. 

As a professional athlete Matt has earned the title "Fittest in DC" and has qualified and participated in 8 International professional CrossFit competitions.

In 2018 Matt founded MooseFit with the goal to directly impact as many people as possible through his passion for health and wellness. Matt has been the GM of a DC CrossFit gym and has been programming for individuals and gyms since 2017.


MooseFit Wellness Coach, MooseFit Performance Athlete

Caity graduated from Georgetown University in 2016 with a Marketing degree from the Mcdonough School of Business. Having always had an untapped passion for helping those less privileged Caity took a full time role as the Director of Development for DC based non-profit Little Friends for Peace. 

It is through her work with Little Friends for Peace that she has learned and become an expert in social and emotional learning and wellness practices for children and adults alike. 


Co-Founder + Advisor, MooseFit Athlete

John “JD” F. Dolan II is a Co-founder and Partner of LDR Growth Partners, where he focuses on building and leading high performing teams and negotiating complex strategic partnerships, both domestically and internationally.  

Prior to LDR, JD served as an Army Infantry officer and later US Special Operations Commander, where he led one of the most significant battles in the War on Terror, receiving the Bronze Star for Valor.  

JD’s work has been featured in various publications including Entrepreneur, Success, Business and American Express. JD often speaks on topics ranging from leadership and elite team building to executive fitness and corporate wellness. 

JD earned his undergraduate degree from Dickinson College and his MBA from Columbia University Business School.  

JD resides in Washington, D.C and has multiple hobbies and interests, including his family, holistic health & fitness and all things outdoors.




MooseFit Nutrition Coach - Registered Dietitian

Jessica Isaacs is a Registered Dietitian specializing in Performance Nutrition. She graduated from Purdue University where she interned under the Director of Sports Nutrition, serving and educating Purdue athletes for 2 years. Jessica has been working within the health and fitness industry for over 8 years, helping bodybuilders preparing for competition, athletes fuel for their sport, and busy professionals fuel for life. 


As the Sports Dietitian for MAMBA Sports Academy, an athlete training facility co-founded by the late Kobe Bryant, Jessica works with youth, high school, collegiate, olympic, and professional athletes, as well as triathletes, and recreationally active individuals. She has helped hundreds of athletes and regular humans alike achieve their nutrition, fitness, and health goals through personalized nutrition coaching.


Jessica's nutrition philosophy is: "Diets suck, eating better shouldn't have to." Through individualized nutrition coaching, she provides programming designed to meet you where you are at and guide you to where you want to be, building better habits and learning nutrition fundamentals along the way. You won't simply be given a cookie-cutter plan, but one designed with you, to fit your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and goals that will help you create results that last after the program ends.


Let's get to work!


MooseFit Nutrition Coach - Registered Dietitian

"As a Registered Dietitian, I have a true passion for nutrition and wellness, and love working with individuals to help them reach their nutrition goals. My passion for health & fitness grew even more when I joined a local gym 3.5 years ago. Once I discovered how good exercise and heavy lifting could make me feel, and how much energy it gave me, I was hooked. Now, that same energy fuels my passion for health and nutrition and I can't wait to share that passion with you!

As a health & wellness enthusiast, I truly believe that eating well is a form of self respect - and I'm here to help you achieve your goals one healthy change at a time! It's important to eat whole, real foods and build a healthy relationship with food. When I'm not providing nutrition consultations with MooseFit clients, you can find me working as a Registered Dietitian consultant with Girls Got Goals and a Clinical Dietitian at Sacred Heart Hospital, or enjoying sushi with my husband."


MooseFit Nutrition Coach - CompositionID Founder

Tiffany Harlan started Composition ID in January 2014 and brings over 18 years of experience in the fields of preventative health, fitness, aging, exercise physiology and advanced diagnostic testing. Certified and trained alongside multiple physicians for one of the top age management institutes in the nation, Tiffany specializes in elite performance testing, exercise and nutrition programming. 


She is passionate about providing clients with as much information as possible about their bodies, and teaching and empowering them with that data to ensure that her clients are achieving the results that they set out to accomplish.


Her focus when working with nutrition clients is to first understand their current lifestyle and preferences, then use that information to provide small progressive changes that will make the greatest positive impact on their body composition and health goals; without completely overhauling their lives or succumbing to fad diets.



MooseFit Programing Coach

Demi is an ex-politico turned full-time fitness professional after swapping the pant suits for the sweat life 2 years ago. With over 3 years of experience teaching group fitness and programming for a wide variety of personal and small group training clients, she's ready to expand her reach to help people near and far achieve their fitness goals. She is inspired daily by the energy of those around her and always seeks to bring out the best in those she trains -- as well as fully standing by the belief that even the most busy individuals have time for their health and fitness. 


Demi holds two degrees from the University of Missouri and is an ACE CPT. She has coached at many well-known local gyms and currently serves as head coach and training lead for a local group fitness franchise. She brings her experience, passion, and commitment to her clients here at MooseFit.


"I know the struggle of being 'too busy' firsthand. I always remind my clients that it's not ME vs. YOU, it's YOU vs. YOUR EXCUSES. Let's get it!"



MooseFit Coach

Jenn was born and raised in the DC area and has always been passionate about health and fitness. She grew up actively participating in sports, from dance to a bit of soccer and landing her passion in field hockey. She played field hockey at Ursinus College and currently coaches at St. John’s College High School in DC.


After a few years of being a pre-k teacher, Jenn switched to the fitness industry and obtained her CPT through NASM and is Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. She taught group fitness at a local boutique fitness studio for three years, before developing her online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching business, Pappas Fitness.


Jenn uses her knowledge of fitness and growing knowledge of nutrition to help individuals create habits that will lead towards a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to help her clients find a balanced life that allows them to do the things they enjoy most, while improving their health and vitality.


MooseFit Running Team - Head Coach

Meredith is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, carries a certification in Holistic Heath Coaching as well as Precision Nutrition Counseling. She is a coach at Cut Seven, as well as a Precision Run coach at Equinox. 


We Work Hard So You Can Work Harder