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Community Wellness
"Balance + Wellness"

Strengthening our communities through accessible health and wellness tools and resources


The Goodwill Excel Center (GEC) is an adult charter school in Washington DC with 400+ students and staff that provides students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

GEC leadership saw the importance of incorporating wellness into the daily lives of their students and staff and has been working with MooseFit to provide a well-rounded approach to wellness that has a lasting impact not just on their school, but on the entire GEC community at large!

Using the MooseFit mobile platform and community partners, MooseFit has created a unique and customized Community Wellness program for the Goodwill Excel Center in Washington, D.C. that has made a direct and tangible impact on students, staff and family members.

Phase I
Program Planning and Implementation

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Program Planning

While MooseFit does have a "framework" for their Wellness360 programs, the MooseFit team setup several pre-program planning calls with GEC leadership to determine the most effective way to convey information to  students and staff  as well as the most effective way to promote sign up and engagement in the program.


Program Awarness

MooseFit worked directly with GEC leadership to establish a quarterly "lunch and learn" where MooseFit discussed the Balance + Wellness program with interested students and Staff

The MooseFit team also directly walked interested students, staff, and family members through the registration and onboarding process to ensure all interested students and staff were properly signed up, registered, and comfortable with the platform.



GEC uses Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and to send out important calendar invites with videoconferencing capability. 

MooseFit was onboarded into teams and a "Balance + Wellness" group was created with all active students included. 

This allowed for direct and effective communication about the program, including but not limited to: onboarding questions, registration questions, workout questions, motivational messaging, etc. 

Phase II
Onboarding & Registration
(4 step process)

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Step 1: Registration

Students, staff and family members followed a link / QR code (displayed around school) that directed them to register using a promo code (to zero out the cost) on the MooseFit website.

Upon completing registration on the website, students, staff and family members receive an automated email with the onboarding steps.

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Step 2: Onboarding Questionnaire

Participants receive an automated email with a link to complete their onboarding questionnaire.

This questionnaire provides their coaches with their fitness and wellness background so that the participant can receive their own unique weekly workout plan.

The information in this questionnaire is not shared with anyone except their coach.

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Step 3: App Download

Included in the email following purchase is a link to download the mobile application.


The application is available on iPhones and Androids and if a participant does not have a smart phone all daily workouts are also emailed to the participant

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Step 4: App Login

Also included in the automated email is each participant's unique login information. 

Once logged into the app it takes 1 hour for workouts to be populated into their weekly workout plan.

Phase III
Programming + Challenges

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Weekly Workout Plan

Each participant receives a weekly workout plan delivered through the mobile application that is designed specifically for that individual based on their background, goals, the equipment they have access to and how long they would like to workout each day.

The overall goal is to encourage movement and to make progress with each individual's fitness. To ensure this occurs, coaches can follow each person's progress and work with the individual to adjust their program appropriately.


Bi-Weekly Yoga Sessions

Yoga classes are instructor-led and participation is encouraged regardless of physical limitations or experience with yoga. 


All movements can be adjusted. the 30min yoga class is meant to be a quiet time to breathe, stretch, and reflect. 

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Bi-Weekly Restorative Peace Circles

Bi-weekly restorative peace circles are led by DC-based organization, Little Friends for Peace. Little Friends for Peace has been providing these peace circles to organizations of all sizes and backgrounds for 40+ years.  

This time is meant to provide a safe space for students and staff to come together to discuss openly, honestly, and without judgment what is going well in their life/week/day and what they are struggling with.



Throughout the course of the program, MooseFit will implement monthly / quarterly challenges to further encourage participation and engagement. 

These challenges are purely participation-based - each individual earns a point for their team if they complete a workout, attend a yoga session, or participate in a peace circle.

The team with the most points wins a prize at the end of the challenge!

Phase IV
Reporting, Analysis & Adjustments

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MooseFit keeps a running report of participation in all three aspects of the program and reports to GEC leadership quarterly on the number of students engaging in their workouts, and attending the peace circles and yoga classes.

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Based on the data tracked and reported on a quarterly basis, as well as subjective remarks from participants the MooseFit team analyzes what has been working well, and what could be improved to promote additional engagement.



Following the presentation of the analysis to the GEC leadership team, MooseFit works directly with leadership to suggest and determine any adjustments to the program that need to be made to further promote engagement. 

Examples have included:

  • Adding a staff only peace circle

  • Adding an additional lunch and learn

  • Increasing the amount of messaging provided through the "Teams" channel. 

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