Group Challenges

Everyone could use some extra accountability! Gather a group of friends, classmates, family members, or colleagues for some friendly competition!

Challenge Format

A minimum of  4 participants is required to participate in the challenge - no maximum number of participants

Challenge is based on % of workouts completed in a given month

All participants receive their own workout plan designed for them based on goals, background, and equipment at a $30 discounted rate.

Cash prizes given to participants and winners!

Gather your group!

Must have a minimum of 4 people in a group to qualify for the challenge


All it takes one motivated person to push friends, family, classmates, or co-workers to engage in a challenge!

Great for holding each other accountable, friendly competition, and bonding around health and wellness! 


Workouts and Perks

All workouts are customized for each individual, delivered through our mobile app, and come with 24/7 access to a MooseFit Moxie coach.

The full member experience at a fraction of the cost!


All participants who complete 75%  of their assigned workouts will receive a $30 store  credit that can be used on merchandise or a membership

The winner will receive a free month membership

All participants will receive  50% off their first month MooseFit Moxie membership!