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Yoga For Athletes with

Alex Hoekstra

Power Yoga

This class is designed for the hybrid athlete-yogi who both desire a workout but also the deep stretching effects of a classic yoga practice. Expect to flow a powerful standing sequence, open into deep twists to release the spine, backbends, and inversions, along with options for extra credit like Alex's signature Power Chatturangas. Feeling intimidated? Not to worry! This class is taught with options to modify for Level 1 Beginners or amplify up to Level 3 Advanced folks.

Yoga For Athletes

This class is designed for the athlete who has an interest in yoga and/or stretching. Each class will focus on opening major parts of the body that affect the athlete like the hips and shoulders. Postures will be held longer than a traditional yoga class with a specific concentration on mobility and props like blocks and straps. If you're a seasoned athlete without a background in yoga, who knows to you need to stretch, this class is for you! Beginners are welcome.

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