Virtual Coaching

Work With MooseFit to Help Develop Your Virtual Coaching Presence 


MooseFit works with you to onboard all of your clients interested in a MooseFit remote program. We send your clients a questionnaire that will provide us with the information to assigned a customized program to them that fits their goals


Based on the information provided in their questionnaire MooseFit will build out a program specific to that client to allow them to meet their lifestyle goals. 

Programs are created with equipment, time commitment, personal, and fitness goals in mind.

Mobile Application

MooseFit will deliver your clients programming to them directly through the MooseFit TrueCoach mobile application. As their coach you will be able to see their program, see their results, comments on their workouts and communicate with your clients directly. Never worry about the hours it currently takes you to program for your clients again.

Our Process

MooseFit provides you with the tools and resources to create an effective remote training business   


Existing In-Person Clients

You are already training clients in-person and you have an existing relationship with these clients but between personal training, and coaching classes you do no have time to bring on more clients and barely have time to program for your existing clients


Hybrid Clients

There are a number of clients you are currently training with in-person who also work out on their own and frequently ask you for programming that they can follow. 


As a MooseFit coach, you can suggest that these clients follow a MooseFit virtual program - you will charge clients slightly more for this offering and MooseFit will handle all of the programming for these clients based on their goals 


Virtual Only Clients

As your hybrid clients become more comfortable following their virtual program with your virtual coaching support you will see them in-person fewer times throughout the week and will stay in contact with them through the MooseFit app that deliveres their programming to them on a daily basis


Recurring Revenue From Remote Clients

MooseFit will handle all of the on-boarding, programming and administrative work for your clients taking advantage of your remote offering. This means minimal added work for you and additional monthly recurring revenue from your remote clients 


More Time to Take On In-Person Clients

With MooseFit handling all of the programming and onboarding for the clients who you are now working with in the remote setting you will have more time to take on additional in-person clients and continue this same client lifecycle. 

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