Virtual Programming & Coaching





Select from one of our time and goal designed programs that you will be doing along side other MooseFit athletes. All 10 of these programs are programed in 6-week blocks with different goals in mind depending on the program.


This program is 6 workouts / week and consists of compound strength movements, accessory (bodybuilding) movements, metabolic conditioning workouts, and monostructural conditioning workouts. It is designed for individuals looking to increase their strength, cardiovascular capability, and improve their body composition. Workouts can be completed in 1 hour or less.


The MooseFit Home program is designed to be completed in the comfort of your own home (or outdoors) with zero additional equipment available.


Commit to 3/6/9/12 months of MooseFit programming (price varies based on commitment length) and receive $85/$100/$125/$155 worth of gym equipment specific to your program that is yours to keep even after your time with MooseFit may be over.



This program consists of compound strength movements coupled with body building circuits and conditioning workouts performed on/with no more than 3 pieces of equipment. This program is designed for individuals looking to increase their strength, improve their conditioning, and improve their body composition who are not comfortable with using weights in conditioning style workouts.

Our triathlon program consists of muscular endurance compound lifts, body building accessory movements, metabolic conditioning, and sport specific conditioning pieces intended for triathletes looking for general preparation for an upcoming race. For further sport specific programs to ensure you peak properly for your race please inquire about a customized program.


This program consists of body weight movements, machine based conditioning (rower, treadmill, bike) and dumbbell and kettlebell metabolic conditioning workouts. Old school is intended for those that have access to limited equipment - potentially using an apartment or office gym.


The Core program can be a stand alone or supplemental program to another MooseFit program. It is designed to take between 20-30min and is focused on building core strength and definition.


The glutes program can be completed as a stand alone program for those looking to increase strength, size and definition of their glutes - or as a supplement to an existing program. This program comes at a far reduced cost in comparison to the other programs.


Our physique program is intended for individuals looking to improve their general physique through transitioning isolated body building movements coupled with low intensity fat burning cardiovascular components.


The MooseFit Strong program is intended for individuals looking to improve their strength specifically in the olympic lifts. It consists of periodized compound and olympic lifting progressions, accessory work, and 2-3 conditioning pieces per week.


Our lunch break program is designed for individuals that only have 25-45min in their busy schedule to workout during the day. It consists of a compound lifts coupled with bodybuilding isolated lifts, and short but challenging conditioning workouts.



The dumbbell only program is a strength+physique program that involves isolated movements that can be performed only with a single pair of dumbbells





Bare Minimum:

  • Set of dumbbells / kettlebells

  • TRX

  • Jump Rope

Nice to Have:

  • Barbell

  • Plates

  • Squat rack

  • Pull up bar

  • Cardio machine



The MooseFit customized programming can be used (and is currently being used) in two different ways:

  1. For those who travel frequently and are forced to use different hotel gyms with different equipment. A MooseFit coach will respond to a message on any given notice with movement replacements based on available equipment

  2. Competitive athletics (CrossFit, Olympic Lifting Competition, Triathlon, Half Marathon)




We take extreme pride in the programming that we provide our clients. For this reason it takes upwards of two week to plan and create a program that will help clients achieve their goals. Because of this, we ask that if you wish to cancel your membership you do so at least two weeks prior to your next billing cycle. 

We Work Hard So You Can Work Harder