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Some Equipment

Have access to some equipment but are not sure how to use it to get a great workout check out some of the programs we have created based on limited equipment



4 workouts per week - a great supplement to one of our other programs or can be used as a stand alone. All workouts are meant to engage the core (abdomen and lower back)

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A strength and conditioning program consisting of 7 workouts per week (2 run, 1 swim, 2 bike and lifting) preparing clients to compete in the sport of triathlon


Dumbbell Only

6 workouts per week that consist of isometric strength movements and metabolic conditioning style workouts that can be performed with a single set of dumbbells



4 workouts per week. Design to strengthen, and shape the glutes for aesthetics or to improve lower back and knee health



4 workouts per week ranging from 15-40min that can all be performed on any stationary bike or "smart bike"

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This program requires a rower and consists of 4 workouts per week that are designed to improve cardiovascular capacity and strengthen and define the legs and back

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