The MooseFit Run Team offers individuals the chance to receive 5-6 days of programming per week aimed at improving running ability for whatever the individual's goal may be. 


There are four tiers of programming offered:

Tier I:

Individuals who run as their form of exercise to feel good, look better and improve their cardiovascular capability. (8-15 miles/week)

Tier II

Individuals who view running as their exercise, sport, may have a race in mind that they are training and want to look better, feel better and improve their cardiovascular capability (15-25) miles/week)

Tier III

Individuals who have experience running races of various lengths and are looking to improve their times while also achieving a strong aesthetic. (25-35 miles/week)

Tier IV

Elite level athletes who are looking to qualify for a race and are fully committed to running as a sport (35-50 miles/week)

MooseFit Running Team Head Coach:

Mere Chambers


Included in the running program is 3 in person, coach led sessions with Coach Mere Chambers. Group sessions will begin with all Tiers performing a warm up and technique drills together. Coach Mere will then explain the workouts to each tier and will send everyone off to complete their workouts. Coach Mere will run+Coach one tier for the entire session or will bounce from tier to tier depending on the workout that day.

Until otherwise notified, there will only be 10 available slots for each in-person training session to be sure to sign up ahead of time.

Class Schedule


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