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Allow MooseFit Method to help establish and grow an online programming platform for your existing clients or by leveraging your following.

MooseFit Method will: 1) "white label" our mobile application with your branding 2) provide you with seamless client onboarding integrated into your website, and 3) create custom programs for your clients delivered through your app!

Click below to apply to become a MooseFit Method Coach!


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Apply To Become a Coach Online!

MooseFit is always accepting new  applicants and loves working with coaches who are looking to build their brands and provide clients with a unique offering!

If you're interested, send us an email or apply by clicking the button below. We'd love to talk with you and answer any questions!

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Try Moxie for
1-Month Free

We want to make sure that our coaches understand the MooseFit Method virtual app experience they will be selling to and providing to their clients. 

To ensure you are comfortable and familiar with the process we onboard you as a client the same way your clients would be onboarded.

Try the app for  a month - ask questions!

Copy of Episode 3 Training vs. Exercisin

Setup Your Brand's Onboarding 

Work with an experienced MooseFit team member to seamlessly integrate the new client onboarding experience into your own website!

MooseFit will create your branded app, branded questionnaire and will create and assign  programs for your clients based on their membership level. 

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Start Selling Memberships

Since MooseFit will be taking care  of the setup, onboarding process, program creation and assignment of programs - you will have more time to focus on spreading the word to your existing  clients and new clients as well as engaging with existing clients through your app!

The  MooseFit is always available to offer solicited and unsolicited advice! 

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Recurring Monthly Revenue

As you begin to attract new clients, you will see the benefits of a recurring membership model as you begin generating consistent recurring monthly revenue for your business.

For all of the support and service MooseFit provides we only ask for 40% of the monthly revenue generated from membership sales

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