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In-Person Coaching

Coach or Studio Interested In Using Our Space to Hold Your Classes?

MooseFit provides you with the autonomy to run in-person, group classes how you have always wanted to without having to worry about the space, the equipment, or the complicated booking platforms.


Our goal is to empower coaches to build their brand and run group classes the way they have always wanted to. You have complete control over how your classes will be run, how you will coach your classes and how you will enegage your clients - MooseFit handles the rest. Build the in person group class brand you have always wanted 

Operational Support

Managing a booking platform can not only be difficult but can be time consuming and expensive. MooseFit will handle all of your bookings for you. Clients can choose to purchase a single class, block of classes or membership to your classes or can purchases classes from MooseFit which will allow them to attend any class offered at MooseFit

The Space

As a MooseFit coach you will have access to our 13,000+ square foot, completely outdoor, climate controlled, tent covered facility. As you demonstrate that your brand and your classes are succesfull you will have the opportunity to coach more classes throughout the week. 


We understand how frustrsting it can feel to be the only reason people come to the gym you coach at, and to not be compensated 

appropriately for the effort and talent you bring as a coach. At MooseFit you will be compensated directly for the number of people that attend your classes with the upside being between $90-$300/class. 


You will have access to all of the equipment you need to properly run your classes. MooseFit will be observing the classess that are attended the most and will continue to invest in equipment that will allow those classes and those coaches to be successful.


Because your compensation is tied to the number of people who attend your classes, we encourage you to market your classes in a way that you feel will get people to your classes. MooseFit will be marketing all classes offered at our facility but will also spotlight coaches and their brands. 

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