F45 NoMa

The F stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of  time for sweat dripping heart pumping fun


Hour long interval style workouts focusing on metabolic conditioning coached by MooseFit Founder Matt Moosavian - 4 time CrossFit Sanctional Athlete and 2020's "Fittest In Washington, D.C.

CycleBar NoMa

CycleBar Washington NoMa is more than a ride. It’s a journey of self-discovery. With outdoor cycling rides designed for all fitness levels, we promise to empower, inspire, and elevate you throughout every day.

Power Flow by Abby Paterson

Power Flow is an all-levels yoga class designed to equally challenge your body and mind.

Yoga for Athletes by Alex Hoekstra

If you're a seasoned athlete without a background in yoga, who knows to you need to stretch, this class is for you! Beginners are welcome.

MADabolic DC

At last, a new standard for group fitness. Rooted in science and backed by years of experience, MADabolic's signature intervals are designed to torch body fat, increase strength and promote lean muscle.

Phil's Phat Camp

A HIIT-based workout utilizing a variety of equipment to make you move better, feel stronger, and push your limits! 

Prana Flow by Yoga NoMa

This is an all-levels yoga class designed to equally challenge your body and mind. This class will cultivate strength, balance, and relaxation by blending pranayama breath control, vinyasa flow, and meditation. Power Flow is open to all levels, and accessible to all through the offered modifications and variations.

Caren Plummer Yoga

50min yoga class for all levels coached by Caren Plummer

We Work Hard So You Can Work Harder