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BrunchOGRAPHY provides an opportunity to learn a choreographed dance and to create community all while enjoying a libation of your choice. Each class will offer a new style of dance for adults who often wish they could take a dance class but wouldn't necessarily sign up for one. Brunching is not limited to a particular time of the day, it is a state of mind.

Not only do we provide in person dance classes in the Washington DC/ DMV area. We provide personal event experiences such as our luxury picnics. Brunch N' a basket provides an easy to learn dance for you and your friends and is incorporated around a luxury picnic pop event. You will learn a dance routine of your choice taught to you by a professional dance instructor. We also provide the styling and set up for the event. Check us out online for more information. 

Creator/ Director and NFL cheerleader Ibn Mack will be teaching a fun and easy to learn sassy/hip hop inspired dance. This dance is designed to get you moving and grooving without breaking a sweat. 

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