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Bodymass Gym

Join us for your favorite Total Body Strength Workout outdoors in the climate controlled Wunder Garten. Build your way to a stronger, healthier, more mobile self!


***Classes can only be booked through Bodymass website***

(Book Here)


Bodymass founders Kris & Virginia will take you through an entire full body strength workout. Starting with diaphragmatic breathing, and understanding the value breath plays in movement, they will then walk you through a dynamic warm up to mobilize tight areas in your body, activate weak areas and get you ready to be your strongest self. With constant personalized attention throughout the workout, you won't just blend in to the'll feel as though you're receiving a customized personal training workout tailored specifically to you! No one person is the same, and therefore no one workout fits all. We will continually evolve throughout the workout to maximize your potential. Get ready to learn more, lift more, and be more with Bodymass X Wunder Garten.

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