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305 Fitness

The wait is over, Fivers, we're bringing IRL classes back in DC!


Join us for a socially distanced, 45-minute cardio class w/ a DJ curated mix OUTSIDE


***Classes can only be booked through 305 Fitness website***


Classes are hosted at Union Market (1309 5th St NE) on the rooftop or at Wunder Garten Beer Garden (1101 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002). See the room listed for your class so you know where to meet us.


Be sure to bring:

  • MASK or face covering

  • Water bottle

  • Towel


We also recommend sunscreen (even in the winter!) and layers for the cold.

See below for our COVID-19 Safety Protocols for clients & staff, and for more information about how we're keeping the community safe, visit


Before class, make sure you're feeling 100%

  • We encourage you to take your temperature before leaving home.

  • If you have a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, have been exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 as determined by the CDC including coughing or shortness of breath, or believe you've been exposed to COVID-19, please do not attend class.

  • After experiencing symptoms, please don't return to class until:

  1. You've had no fever for at least three (3) days without taking medication to reduce fever during that time; AND

  2. Any respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath) have improved; AND

  3. At least ten (10) days have passed since the symptoms began.

  • You may also return to class earlier if a doctor confirms the cause of your fever or other symptoms is not COVID-19.

  • We will be super lenient with cancellations and will issue refunds wherever necessary.


Safety Protocols


Before/After Class

  • Masks or face coverings are required for all staff and clients before, during, and after class.

  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance from others.

  • Avoid physical contact with others at any point, and only touch your own belongings.

  • Replace handshakes and hugs with a thumbs up or an air high five.

  • We will provide hand sanitizer and latex gloves. Please bring your own mask or face covering.

  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before class, and please leave within 10 minutes after.


During Class

  • Masks or face coverings are required during class.

  • Maintain 15 feet of distance from others. We will use cones to create spots that are 15 feet apart. Class capacities are limited to ensure a 15-foot distance.

  • Have fun and get ready to twerk it out, social distance style.


If you test positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of taking an outdoor class:

  • Please contact us at as soon as possible.

  • Your name will always remain confidential.

  • 305 will alert staff and clients with whom you may have made contact.

  • We ask that you not take class within 14 days of experiencing symptoms, or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19.


Tips for wearing masks during class:

  • Through some experimentation, we've found that the disposable, 3-ply masks are the easiest to breathe in.

  • A 3D Mask Bracket helps keep your sweaty mask from sticking to your face, and helps you relax your jaw.

  • If you get really sweaty during class, we recommend bringing a few extra masks so you can put on a fresh one half way through class.

  • Lots of athletic brands are making exercise masks you can try out.

  • Mask getting loose in class? Try twisting the ear loops to make it a little tighter, or consider adding some elastic or string to tie the mask behind your head instead of behind your ears.

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